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Region III: Mission Support Division

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The mission of the Mission Support Division is to provide overall administrative, financial, and communications/computer support for the day-to-day operations of the regional office. The division also provides support for disaster requirements and administers various communications programs. The Mission Support Division has two branches: Administrative Services and Information Technology.

Catherine McManus, Division Director


Administrative Services Branch

Tom Finnegan, Branch Chief

The Administrative Services Branch manages budget and fiscal requirements, as well as grants, acquisition, personnel, payroll processing and travel management programs. The branch also manages the Reservist program, the FEMA Deployment Tracking System (DTS), as well as other administrative services to the Region and Joint Field Offices.

Information Technology Branch

Chuck Goehringer, Branch Chief

The IT Branch provides and manages the communications, information management, and safety and security requirements to support regional activities as well as state and local governments. For disaster operations, this branch provides network and communication services and assets.

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