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FEMA Region III Administrator, MaryAnn Tierney, believes strongly in the importance of preparing for emergencies now, before they happen.

A Message from Regional Administrator MaryAnn Tierney

Did you know that 37 percent of Americans are not preparing for disasters because they are relying on emergency responders to help them? Also, studies show 42 percent of individuals do not have a household emergency plan.

Everyone has a role in being prepared for disasters, including citizens. Individuals need to be prepared to care for themselves and their loved ones during and immediately following a disaster for at least three days until other resources are available. Local governments will always be the first to respond. However, in the event of a major or catastrophic disaster, the first priority is often special populations, such as the elderly or the disabled, so it may take emergency personnel a few days to help you.

When roads are flooded, bridges destroyed and the environment is dangerous, you need to have a plan in place and supplies on hand to help ease your own response. Make a plan. Stay informed. Assemble an emergency supply kit.

A major hurricane, tornado or storm might be just days or weeks away. Preparation during peacetime can reduce the risk of devastation to yourself and your family. So know your flood risk and the hazards in your community.

There are 204 Citizen Corps councils in Region III that provide a means for volunteers to learn, train, and become involved in community preparedness that can ultimately support first responders in an emergency. Take ownership of your own safety and well-being. Be prepared and get involved today.

Community Preparedness in Region III

Community Preparedness Resources

Region III's Citizen Corps program manager works daily to support the state and local preparedness efforts. In the region, there are 144 Citizen Corps county and 60 local councils.

Point of Contact

Steve Edwards
Community Preparedness Officer
Federal Emergency Management Agency Region III
One Independent Mall, Sixth Floor
615 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106-4404
Phone: (215) 931-5716

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