Region II: National Preparedness

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This page describes the National Preparedness Division.


In active collaboration with our full range of partners and stakeholders in the private sector, the non-governmental & volunteer sector, and all levels of the public sector (states, territories, tribes, counties, municipalities):

  • To build a culture of individual and community preparedness;
  • To integrate existing partner & stakeholder emergency management plans to facilitate comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional Regional planning;
  • To assess current Regional risks and capabilities to prioritize any consequent capability shortfalls; and
  • To align priorities within the Region to effectively steward grant programs, trust building and test additional prioritized capabilities.

Leadership: Lawrence O'Reilly

Things You Should Know

Things Businesses Should Know

Things Communities Should Know

Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) Vision

  • FEMA Region II's March 2014 THIRA
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