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Region II: Disaster Public Information

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This page describes the External Affairs Division.

Information is a basic need.  Providing clear, accurate and timely information to the public about actions or services that can help save lives or change circumstances before, during or in the aftermath of an incident is the first in step in the recovery process

The government's ability to provide actionable information--clearly, accurately and in a timely and unified manner--is an art form that requires the help of the media, congressional members and their staffs, the private sector, voluntary and community organizations.

FEMA has worked on thousands of disasters with our state, local and tribal partners and we all know this fundamental to a person affected by disaster, understanding what is happening amid the chaos is as important as food, water and shelter.  We all take this business very seriously.

We strive to constantly improve our unified approach of providing the public with timely and accurate information before, during and after a disaster strikes.

Partners: The people who work together as part of public information team in Region II known as Emergency Support Function 15. Other FEMA partners include State, Commonwealth and Territory Partners, Tribal Partners, and Voluntary Agency Organization Partners.

Private Sector:  If you are a private business in NJ, NY, PR or USVI and would like to know more about how you can help deliver disaster information to your employees, please email Fritzmarie Cesar at

Congressional:  If you are Congressional representative or district staff member and need support with constituent inquires or if you are interested in hosting a FEMA 101 seminar in your district, please contact

Tribal Government:  If you are a Tribal Government, please contact

Media:  If you are member of the media and have questions or recommendations for us, or if you would like to get on the list to come with us on a disaster, please contact or call (347) 416-3792.

Community and Voluntary Organizations:  If you are community or voluntary organization that would like to help in getting out public information during disasters, please contact Julie Blanciak.

International Relations:  If you are part of a governmental delegation and would like to meet with our staff and exchange ideas on disaster public information.  Please contact Don Caetano.

Want to Help? Join the External Affairs Cadre:  To become part of the External Affairs cadre and work to assist disaster survivors across the nation, please monitor for job opportunities and openings. 

Regional Administrator Speaking Request
Our Regional Administrator, Jerome Hatfield, routinely speaks at events, meetings, and conferences.  If you are planning an event and would like the Regional Administrator to speak please send an email to  You can also mail request to our regional office: FEMA, Attention: External Affairs, 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY 10278.

Leadership:  Don Caetano

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