Recovery Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

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Successful recovery depends on all recovery stakeholders having a clear understanding of pre- and post-disaster roles and responsibilities. In keeping with the National Disaster Recovery Framework principles, clearly defined roles and responsibilities are a foundation for unity of effort among all recovery partners to jointly identify opportunities, foster partnerships and optimize resources.

Achieving Disaster Recovery describes the components of a successful disaster recovery management system for all levels of government decision making. Coordination, integration, community engagement and management are prominent system elements in keeping with the National Disaster Recovery Framework Core Principles of Leadership. To lead these critical disaster recovery functions, the National Disaster Recovery Framework recommends:

  • Recovery Manager and Recovery Coordinator positions at the local, Tribal, Territorial and State levels.
  • New designated Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator (FDRC) positions, and
  • National-level disaster recovery coordination.

National Disaster Recovery Framework Pre and Post Disaster Recovery Managers Responsibilities:

  • Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator (PDF 186KB, TXT 9KB)
  • Local Disaster Recovery Managers (PDF 181KB, TXT 6KB)
  • State Disaster Recovery Managers (PDF 180KB, TXT 6KB)
  • Tribal Disaster Recovery Managers (PDF 183KB, TXT 6KB)
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