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Public-Private Partnerships

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The Public Private Partnerships web page provides an overview regarding the benefits of emergency management public private partnerships.

Building Better Resiliency - Together

FEMA believes that every community benefits from public-private collaboration in emergency management. FEMA Administrator Fugate, a tireless advocate for teamwork, told a gathering of U.S. private sector leaders: 

"There's no way government can solve the challenges of a disaster with a government centric approach. It takes the whole team."

This philosophy is central to everything we do. We are better able to serve our neighbors, fellow citizens, and our nation's disaster survivors in particular, when public sector and private sector representatives are both active members of the same team. FEMA believes in the value of public-private partnerships and has worked steadily to provide tools, models, and resources designed to inspire their creation and nurture their success.

Through public-private partnerships both government and the private sector can:

  • Enhance situational awareness
  • Improve decision making
  • Access more resources
  • Expand reach and access for communication efforts
  • Improve coordination with other efforts by segments of the private sector
  • Increase the effectiveness of emergency management efforts
  • Maintain strong relationships, built on mutual understanding
  • Create more resilent communities

FEMA offers a variety of tools to help organizations interested in starting public-private partnerships, including:

We've also developed a business case and sample position description to help jumpstart partnerships in your state or territory. Contact us at, we would be happy to share.

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