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Average Total Obligations by Fiscal Year and by Declaration

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The below information is the average total obligations by fiscal year and by declaration for Major and Emergency Disasters. The source of data is the set of all declarations between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013.

Major Disaster

 Average Obligations Fiscal Year 2012Average Obligations  Per Declarations 2012Average Obligations Fiscal Year 2013Average Obligations Per Declarations 2013
A - Debris Removal$212,293,920$586,447$10,062,013$25,538
B - Protective Measures$277,145,333$725,511$209,063,142$503,160
C - Roads & Bridges$461,946,307$1,314,214$242,693,506$532,838
D - Water Control Facilities$27,321,382$122,243$8,708,610$36,210
E - Public Buildings$375,529,545$1,065,332$188,041,877$489,692
F - Public Utilities$179,675,025$494,292$233,182,068$590,334
G - Recreational or Other$63,804,844$183,876$18,454,964$48,758
Z - State Management$39,511,539$113,702$38,365,188$99,007



 Average Obligations Fiscal Year 2011Average Obligations Per Declarations 2011Average Obligations Fiscal Year 2012Average Obligations Per Declarations 2012
A - Debris Removal$15,677$825$14,067$1,407
B - Protective Measures$113,117,736$1,396,515$6,333,148$76,765
C - Roads & Bridges$0$0$0$0
E - Public Buildings$1,336$267$0$0
F - Public Utilities$0$0$0$0
G - Recreational or Other$0$0$0$0
Z - State Management($155,863)($2,534)($829,200)($12,956)



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