9560.1 Environmental Policy Memoranda

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  1. Date Signed: August 17, 1999

  2. Response and Recovery Policy Number: 9560.1

  3. Title: Environmental Policy Memoranda

  4. Purpose: This policy compiles all environmental policy memoranda that have been issued by FEMA National Headquarters and makes them readily available for guidance in administering the Public Assistance Program.

  5. Scope and Audience: These environmental policy memoranda are the ones in effect as of May 1999. They have been compiled for easy reference by Public Assistance program staff in coordinating Public Assistance grant activities involving environmental issues.

  6. Background:

    1. All Federal agencies are required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to follow a specific planning process to ensure that agency decision-makers and local governments have considered the environmental consequences of Federal actions. In addition to NEPA, environmental review addresses the requirements of many associated laws and executive orders including: National Historic Preservation Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and the executive orders on wetlands, floodplains and environmental justice. General guidance to FEMA on environmental considerations is provided by 44 CFR Part 10.

    2. Environmental policy memoranda have been issued since 1994 by the FEMA Headquarters Environmental Officer to address specific issues.

  7. Policy:

    1. The attached environmental policy memoranda have been issued by FEMA National Headquarters as official guidance for the specific issues addressed in them.

    2. Each region has a Regional Environmental Officer (REO), who is responsible for assuring that the environmental laws, executive orders, and policies are effectively implemented. The REO supports the Public Assistance Program in policy implementation and should be the primary source in the region for interpretation of environmental policy and its application to special situations.

    3. The following environmental policy memoranda included as attachments are:

      1. Attachment 1 - ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY MEMO #1;
        Categorical Exclusion (CATEX) of Projects Involving the Acquisition of Damaged Properties and Implementation of E.O. 12898 Concerning Environmental Justice; dated April 18, 1994. (PDF 32KB)

      2. Attachment 2 - ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY MEMO #2;
        Other Federal Agency Clearance for Environmental Assessments; dated May 24, 1994. (PDF 25KB)

      3. Attachment 3 - ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY MEMO #3;
        Policy for Projects Completed Without Environmental Review Required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA); dated March 24, 1995. (PDF 33KB)

      4. Attachment 4 - ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY MEMO #4;
        Availability and Use of the Updated List of Categorical Exclusions Published February 5, 1996, as a Revision of 44 CFR 10.8; dated February 27, 1996. (PDF 27KB)

      5. Attachment 5 - ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY MEMO #5;
        Documentation of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Categorical Exclusions (CATEX); dated June 20, 1997. (PDF 40KB)

  8. Supersession: This policy updates and replaces relevant provisions of previous public assistance policy documents on this subject.

  9. Authorities: Robert T. Stafford Act Disaster relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended, Section 316; and 44 CFR Part 10.

  10. Originating Office: Infrastructure Division, Response and Recovery Directorate

  11. Review Date: Two years from date of publication

  12. Signature:
    Lacy E. Suiter
    Executive Associate Director
    Response and Recovery Directorate

  13. Distribution: Regional Directors, Regional and Headquarters R & R Division Directors

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