Landslide Policy Relating to Public Facilities

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This policy is archived and has been superseded by the policy currently in effect.

  1. Date Signed: August 17, 1999

  2. Response and Recovery Policy Number: 9524.2

  3. Title: Landslide Policy Relating to Public Facilities

  4. Purpose: The attached policy is being renumbered to become part of the redesigned FEMA Public Assistance Policy publication system.

  5. Scope and Audience: This policy applies to all disasters and is intended for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) personnel making eligibility determinations for the Public Assistance (PA) Program.

  6. Background: This attached policy currently is under review. However, the review will not be completed prior to the supersession of the 1996 Policy and Guidance Compendium by the new compilation of PA Program policy. Because the policy is a critical document of the PA Program, it is being temporarily renumbered while the new document is being prepared and coordinated.

  7. Policy:  The policy is attached.

  8. Supersession: Response and Recovery Directorate Policy No. 4511.300 A, EX, dated November 30, 1995, Landslide Policy Relating to Public Facilities is now renumbered as Response and Recovery Policy #9524.2.

  9. Authorities: Robert T. Stafford Disaster Recovery and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended.

  10. Originating Office: Infrastructure Division, Response and Recovery Directorate

  11. Review Date: Two years from date of publication or upon publication of the Final Guidelines, whichever occurs first.

  12. Signature:

    Lacy E. Suiter
    Executive Associate Director
    Response and Recovery Directorate

  13. Distribution: Regional Directors, Regional and Headquarters R & R Division Directors

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