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Public Assistance Appeals Branch

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This page contains an overview of the responsibilities of our branch, the structure of the teams, and reference documents.


The mission of the Public Assistance Appeals Branch is to administer FEMA’s Public Assistance appeals system in a timely, efficient, consistent, and organized manner. 

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Adjudicating appeals and issuing timely final determinations
  • Training and supporting FEMA personnel working on appeals throughout the agency
  • Communicating agency policy and practice to FEMA regions and field staff
  • Analyzing trends in appeal filings and identifying issues that may require policy changes


Our office is split into three teams and each team consists of an Office of Chief Counsel Attorney Advisor and a Public Assistance Appeals Analyst.    

  • Ronald Schuster – Branch Chief / Deputy Associate Chief Counsel
  • Leslie Jones-Parra – Lead Public Assistance Appeals Analyst
  • Minji Bryan - Lead Audit Coordinator
  • Kyle Lewis - OCC Supervisory Attorney


  • Team 1: Regions IV, V, VIII
    Samantha Riley & Allison McGough
  • Team 2: Regions I, II, VI
    Matipa Mutsemi & Kirk Wolgamott
  • Team 3: Regions III, VII, IX, X
    Janell Smith & Russell Mante


  • Team 1: Regions I, II, III
    Angie Saavedra & Tori Roth. Primary: Ji-Min Hong, Secondary: Chad Ryerson
  • Team 2: Regions IV, V, VI
    Tori Roth. Primary: Art Goldin, Secondary: Ji-Min Hong
  • Team 3: Regions VII, VIII, IX, X
    Angie Saavedra. Primary: Chad Ryerson, Secondary: Art Goldin

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If you have questions about the appeals process, please contact PAAB at


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