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Map of the states included in the Atlantic Ocean Coast

The Atlantic coastline encompasses 14 States for a combined total of approximately 28,673 miles of tidal shoreline. Many of the current coastal Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) are outdated due to the age of the data, methodologies that were used when they were first produced in the mid-to-late 1970s, as well as changes in the physical environment. Updated coastal flood risk studies are necessary to better understand the flood hazards along the Atlantic coast.

Flooding along the Atlantic coast is a product of combined offshore, near-shore and shoreline processes. The inter-relationships of these processes are complex and their relative effects vary based on different coastal settings. To combat these complexities and provide guidelines for those performing the coastal engineering analysis on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, FEMA issued Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Coastal Guidelines Update. These guidelines offer insight and recommended methods to analyze complex coastal processes in a technically reasonable and consistent way, while improving community resilience to flood losses (life, property and business).

As an update to a 2008 report, the Updated Tidal Profiles for the New England Coastline report includes all relevant data, station information, analyses and figures from the initial report as well as highwater mark data for significant events along the New England coastline and tidal profiles omitted in the original report. The intent of this report is to provide an inclusive source for coastal stillwater elevations for all of New England to be used in analysis supporting FEMA Flood Insurance Studies.

Four FEMA Regions share jurisdiction of the Atlantic coast, working in partnership with each other and with local, tribal, state and other federal agencies to ensure the coastal flood studies are carried out effectively and efficiently.

To obtain information regarding the status of flood studies in specific Atlantic coast areas, please visit the following project websites:

For general information about the FEMA Regional offices responsible for managing the Atlantic coastal flood studies, please visit the following Regional websites:

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