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The purpose of validation is to confirm the eligibility, compliance, accuracy, and reasonableness of small projects formulated by an applicant, and to ensure that the applicant receives the maximum amount of assistance available under the law.

The process reviews approximately 20% of the small projects formulated by the applicant. This 20% sampling applies to all small projects, including emergency work, permanent work, and small projects with Special Considerations. All aspects of the projects are reviewed including the sites, estimating methods, and documentation related to the project.

The process of approval, as outlined above, begins with the PAC's review of PWs for completeness. Once the PWs are reviewed and processed through validation and Special Considerations review as appropriate, the PWs are ready for approval and funding.

The PAC has the authority to approve projects up to $100,000. Therefore, any project below this threshold will be approved by the PAC and forwarded for funding. Projects over this threshold will be forwarded by the PAC to the PAO with a recommendation for approval. Once the PAO has approved the PW, it will then be forwarded for funding.

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