Program Analysis & Evaluation (PA&E) Division

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Mission and Functions

The mission of the Program Analysis & Evaluation Division is to give the agency an independent analysis and evaluation capability that enhances decision making, program performance transparency, and accountability.

  • Analyze and evaluate resource requests to identify programmatic alternatives and priorities for resource allocation consistent with strategic and long-range planning goals and objectives.
  • Work with FEMA programs to ensure their budget planning submissions to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) reflect FEMA's budget planning guidance.
  • Support the CFO's presentation and defense of budgetary and programmatic estimates to DHS, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and Congress by ensuring they are linked to quantifiable performance measures.
  • Conduct analyses as required by the Administrator to evaluate program initiatives and provide recommendations regarding the efficacy of initiatives.
  • Coordinate activities among FEMA programs and DHS PA&E to develop information related to OMB programmatic reviews and management initiatives, e.g., OMB's Program Assessment Rating Tool and the President's Management Agenda.
  • Track performance against annual and strategic objectives.
  • Conduct economic impact analyses of FEMA regulations.
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