FY 2011 Driver's License Security Grant Program

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Total Funding Available in FY 2011:  $44,910,000

Purpose:  The Driver's License Security Grant Program (DLSGP) provides funding to prevent terrorism, reduce fraud and improve the reliability and accuracy of personal identification documents that states  issue.  The DLSGP is intended to address a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission to improve the integrity and security of state-issued driver’s licenses (DLs) and identification cards (IDs).  States are encouraged to work collectively to develop more secure systems to verify an applicant’s identity before issuing a DL or ID that can be accepted for official purposes.

Eligible Applicants:  Eligible applicants under the FY 2011 DLSGP are State Driver’s License Agencies (SDLAs), also known as state Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) or Motor Vehicle Administrations (MVAs).  Other eligible applicants include state Public Safety Agencies or Departments with overall responsibility for drivers’ license issuance in the state.  These agencies may apply on behalf of the state DMV/MVA.

Program Awards:  FY 2011 DLSGP funds will be allocated according to all 56 states and territories receiving a base amount with the balance of funds distributed according the total number of DLs/IDs issued in each state and territory.  For the purposes of this grant, states are grouped into four categories based upon the number of DLs/IDs issued.  The available target funding allocations may be adjusted if:

(1) Some states do not apply;
(2) Some states ask for less than the amount allocated; or
(3) Individual state applications are inconsistent with program requirements. 

If the total of all state awards is less than $44,910,000 for any of these reasons, remaining program funds will be redistributed to applicant states and territories based on the formula.

Additional Information

  • FY 2011 DLSGP Guidance and Application Kit (PDF 438KB, TXT 43KB)
  • FY 2011 DLSGP Award Administration Information (PDF 340KB, TXT 56KB)
  • FY 2011 DLSGP FAQs (PDF 51KB, TXT 6KB)
  • FY 2011 DLSGP Fact Sheet (PDF 90KB, TXT 5KB)
  • FY 2011 DLSGP Budget Detail Worksheet (PDF 21KB, TXT 8KB)

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