FY 2009 Trucking Security Program

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The FY 2009 Trucking Security Program (TSP) funding will be awarded to eligible applicants to implement security improvement measures and policies deemed valuable by DHS as indicated in the Security Action Items publication of June 26, 2008. These items are primarily focused on the purchase and installation or enhancement of equipment and systems related to tractor and trailer tracking systems. Additionally, the TSP will provide funding to develop a system for DHS to monitor, collect, and analyze tracking information; and develop plans to improve the effectiveness of transportation and distribution of supplies and commodities during catastrophic events.

Eligibility and Funding

Total Funding Available in FY 2009: $7,772,000

Eligibility for funding under the Security Action Item Implementation priority is limited to applicants who have a current security plan subject to Title 49 CFR 172.800 Transport Tier I Commodities as defined by TSA through the issuance of Highway Security-Sensitive Materials (HSSM) Security Action Items. Eligible applicants will be placed into one of two tiers: Tier I consisting of eligible applicants that have 11 or more tractors or Tier II, consisting of eligible applicants that have 10 or less tractors. There are no restrictions on the eligibility for the Monitoring and Planning priority of TSP. These applicants must demonstrate that they have the financial and resource capabilities to successfully address the Security Action Implementation and Monitoring and Planning priorities.

Additional Information

  • Investment Justification Template (DOC 85MB)
  • Budget Template (DOC 43KB)
  • Combined Motor Carrier Identification Report and HM Permit Application (PDF 1.2 MB, TXT  55KB)
  • FY09 TSP Program Guidance (PDF 210KB, TXT 111KB)
  • FY09 TSP FAQs (DOC 105KB)

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