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Public Assistance policy and publications allow the whole community to maintain a greater working knowledge of the Agency’s processes and enhance the Nation’s level of resilience and preparedness. Below are links to the Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG) program laws and regulations, guidance, and publications. OMB Circulars are also linked below.

Disaster Assistance for the Mitigation, Management, and Control of Fires


Fire management assistance grant program Laws and Regulations


fire managment assistance grant program Guidance


fire managment assistance grant program Publications

  • 2014 FMAGP Guide (PDF 690.50K)

  • FMAGP Brochure B-330 (PDF 1.75M)

To order hard copies of FEMA's publications, please contact the FEMA Publications Warehouse (1-800-480-2520)


Office of Management & Budget Circulars

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