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An organization’s continuity of operations plan documents the overarching strategy, policies, and procedures required to support its headquarters continuity of operations program. As the DHS entity for coordinating the Executive Branch continuity of operations program, National Continuity Programs (NCP) has developed detailed planning guidance and plan templates to help other federal and non-federal entities in their continuity planning.

Continuity Plan Template For Federal Departments/Agencies

The purpose of this Continuity Plan template for Federal Departments and Agencies is to provide instructions, guidance, and sample text for the development of Continuity plans and programs in accordance with Federal Continuity Directives (FCDs) 1 and 2 for the Federal Executive Branch.

Continuity Plan Template For Non-Federal Entities

This Continuity Plan template for non-Federal entities provides a framework for creating a viable continuity plan and focuses on the key continuity planning elements as addressed in Continuity Guidance Circular 1 (CGC 1), Continuity Guidance for Non-Federal Governments (States, Territories, Tribes, and Local Government Jurisdictions), dated July 2013, and Continuity Guidance Circular 2 (CGC 2), Continuity Guidance for Non-Federal Governments: Mission Essential Functions Identification Process (States, Territories, Tribes, and Local Government Jurisdictions), dated October 2013.

For the Continuity Plan Template and Instructions for Non-Federal Entities, click here.

Essential Records Packet Plan Template

This Essential Records Packet Plan  template assists with the identification, protection, and ready availability of organizational essential records, databases, emergency operating records, rights and interests records, and other documents are critical to the successful implementation and execution of a robust continuity plan.

Pandemic Influenza

This Pandemic Influenza template provides guidance to assist organizations in developing a Pandemic Influenza Continuity of Operations Plan or, if the organization already has a continuity plan, a Pandemic Influenza Annex. General guidance and sample information is provided for reference and organizations are encouraged to tailor Pandemic Influenza Continuity Plans to meet specific organizational needs and requirements.

ERG Member Planning Guide

Developing Emergency Relocation Group (ERG) Member Planning Guides (PDF 256KB, TXT 25KB), A Guide for ERG Positional Requirements Planning, June 2009. The Guide provides tools (templates and checklists) for developing ERG positional standard operating procedures to support organizational continuity programs. ERG positional guides assist ERG staff to understand the key elements of supporting that position and allow continuity managers access to positional requirements that are considered when preparing a Business Process Analysis of organizational essential functions.

Reconstitution Template

This Reconstitution template is based on Federal Continuity Directive 1, Federal Executive Branch National Continuity Program and Requirements, October 2012, and provides structure and recommended content for developing a reconstitution plan. Reconstitution is the process by which surviving and/or replacement organization personnel resume normal organization operations from the original or replacement primary operating facility.

Devolution Template

This Devolution template is based on the Federal Continuity Directive 1, Federal Executive Branch National Continuity Program and Requirements, and provides a structure and recommended content for developing a Devolution Plan.

Multi-Year Strategy and Program Management Plan

A continuity Multi-Year Strategy and Program Management Plan (MYSPMP) provides multi-year planning guidance for the development of effective continuity plans and programs.  The MYSPMP serves as a roadmap for organization continuity planners to follow to ensure that critical activities and resources can be implemented and obtained so that their programs continue to improve over time.   The MYSPMP provides strategic guidance, a current program assessment, and outlines program needs, goals, objectives, and strategies for the organization’s Continuity program as well as milestones for accomplishing these activities and any issues, concerns, or obstacles that they  may face.

Exercise Templates

NCP developed a series of continuity exercise templates that incorporate updates from the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan, Federal Continuity Directive 1 and 2, and Continuity Guidance Circular 1 and 2. These exercise templates are compatible with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and meet National Exercise Program requirements.

Department and Agencies Telwork Exercise Template

This Exercise Plan (EXPLAN) template provides exercise planners with the information necessary for their participation in a continuity telework exercise. This EXPLAN Template is a tool to assist agencies to conduct a telework exercise to determine current capabilities to operate in a telework or a socially-distanced environment and to determine what needs to be done to enhance your current capabilities and to better prepare for a pandemic influenza or continuity event.

This telework exercise handbook template is set up to provide an example of an exercise player handbook for use when conducting a telework exercise.

Determined Accord Exercise Template: a multi-agency pandemic tabletop exercise designed to increase federal and non-federal governmental jurisdiction continuity readiness for a pandemic event, mitigate vulnerabilities during an influenza pandemic outbreak, and identify gaps or weaknesses in pandemic planning and in organization continuity plans, policies, and procedures. 

Cardinal Accord Exercise Template: a tabletop exercise designed to increase federal department and agency, state, territorial, tribal and local jurisdictional continuity of operations readiness for a regional terrorism event, to mitigate vulnerabilities during a terrorist event, and to identify gaps or weaknesses in organizational continuity plans, policies, and procedures.

Vigilant Strategy Exercise Template: a devolution tabletop exercise designed to provide a forum for federal and non-federal entities to discuss devolution of operations readiness to respond to a catastrophic event in which Mission Essential Functions (MEFs) and Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEFs) are devolved to a designated devolution site.

Determined Challenge Exercise Template: a multi-agency hurricane tabletop exercise designed to increase participant understanding of the weaknesses and gaps in organizations’ existing continuity plans, policies, and capabilities.

Quiet Sentinel Exercise Template: a full-scale exercise designed to validate an organization’s continuity of operations capability to activate, relocate, and operate from an alternate site.

Liberty Down Sentinel Exercise Template: a functional multi-agency continuity exercise designed to evaluate the ability of organizations to activate their continuity of operations plans during a natural emergency and to sustain operations for an extended period.

For more information on these or additional templates, please email FEMA-Continuity-WebInfo.

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