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Pacific Ocean Coastal Information

This page contains information on the status of flood studies and mapping efforts for the U.S. Pacific Coast and offers educational resources on this topic. This page is intended for community members, stakeholders and officials living near or on the Pacific Coast, as well as mapping professionals and contractors.

Pacific Coast map with FEMA Region 9 and 10 coastal states/entities. Areas displayed on map include: Alaska (AK) and Washington (WA) highlighted as FEMA Region 10; and Oregon (OR), California (CA), Hawaii (HI), American Somoa, Guam, and U.S Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, highlighted as FEMA Region 9.

In accordance with FEMA’s Guidelines and Standards for Coastal Flood Hazard Analysis and Mapping, FEMA is performing a detailed coastal engineering analysis and mapping of the pacific coast. Using the new guidelines and specification, the coastal Risk MAP study aims to foster collaborative efforts between FEMA, other federal agencies, states, tribal and coastal communities while increasing the understanding of local flood risk, encouraging mitigation efforts and improving the community’s resilience against flood risks (life, property and business).

Composed of five U.S. states (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington), the pacific coast’s tidal shoreline stretches for approximately 40,298 miles through various environments.

Originally produced in the mid-to late 1970s, many of the current coastal Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs)  are outdated and do not take into consideration the vast changes that have occurred in the pacific coast’s physical geography within the last 30 years. Updated coastal flood studies are necessary to better understand the pacific coast flood hazards. The new FIRMs will incorporate new research methodologies with geo-coded data collected from a consortium of federal, state, tribal, academic and private-sector organizations. The result will be a comprehensive, scientific, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-based data set that provides more accurate identification and analysis of pacific coast flood risks.

On the pacific coast, two FEMA Regions – Region IX and Region X - hold jurisdiction and work in conjunction along with other federal agencies, states, tribal and local community officials to prepare for, protect against, respond to and mitigate hazards. FEMA Regions IX and X ensure that coastal Risk MAP study assessments are done correctly, efficiently and in collaboration with local communities.

To obtain information on the status of flood studies in specific pacific coast areas, please visit FEMA’s Regional Coastal Analysis and Mapping Pacific coast websites:

For general information about the FEMA Regional offices responsible for managing the pacific coast flood studies, please visit the following websites:

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