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This page is about Operations Support for Mobile Emergency Response Support (MERS) Detachment.

Each Mobile Emergency Response Support (MERS) Detachment:

  • Has generators to supply the power generation requirements of one or more facilities or locations within the disaster area
  • Can provide the heating, ventilation, and cooling requirements for a large office building
  • Can provide diesel fuel
  • Can provide potable water

The following describes some of the primary MERS logistics assets.


MERS Power VehicleCapabilities:

  • Dedicated or site power
  • Power distribution
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Temporary facility power restoration


  • Wide variety of vehicle, trailer, or skid mounted generators ranging in size from 20 kW to 400 kW


MERS HVAC VehicleCapabilities:

  • HVAC for up to a 16,000 square foot building
  • HVAC distribution via temporary ducts


  • Up to 475,000 BTU per hour (normal home air conditioning is 3-5000 BTU)


MERS Fuel VehicleCapabilities:

  • Transportation and distribution capability


  • 1200, 2200, and 3500 gallon tankers


MERS Water VehicleCapabilities:

  • Reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU) - purifies brackish and salt water
  • Limited distribution capability


  • 300-480 gallon per hour output
  • 3000 gallon tankers transport non-potable water to the purification unit

The MERS Detachments offer a variety of operational support and resources. Table 4 and Table 5 describe some of the operational support that can be provided by the MERS Detachments.

Additionally, the MERS Detachments have resources that can provide temporary office or operational space. These include Emergency Operations Vehicles (EOV) and mini emergency vehichles.

Emergency Operations Vehicle (EOV)

MERS Emergency Operations VehicleCapabilities:

  • 82 foot long expandable trailer providing office workstations and conference space for 20-25 people
  • Operations and communications center
  • Reception, kitchen, and restroom facilities
  • Self-contained generators
  • Telephones and computers with voice and data switch
  • Local and wide area networks
  • Video teleconferencing
  • HF/VHF/UHF radios with telephone interface
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