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The OpenFEMA initiative provides approved mission relevant data for stakeholders to leverage in value-added ways such as: research, analysis, app development and other purposes.


The mission of the OpenFEMA initiative is to expand and promote a culture of Open Government among the Agency and build public trust among the Whole Community; to increase transparency, participation, and collaboration in support of the Nation’s ability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards.


  • Release high-value data sets on an ongoing basis, so it is easier to find and more accessible for the public in times of a disaster
  • Build a transparent and interactive connection with members of the public through an online dialogue with external constituencies
  • Provide information and data in more useful formats to enable citizens, the private sector and non-government organizations to leverage the data in innovative and value-added ways


One of our main goals is to facilitate the release of FEMA high-value data sets. High-value datasets include data that: were previously not provided, continuously update, increase accountability and responsiveness, increase public knowledge, further the core mission of FEMA, create economic opportunity or respond to identified needs or demands. Recently, OpenFEMA partnered with the United States Fire Administration (USFA) to provide Fire Incident & Cause data which increases public knowledge and supports our mission by providing access to the public and first responders. FEMA recognizes the vast opportunities for increased citizen participation through the release of data. Visit our FEMA data sets on:

FEMA Datasets

If you have ideas or suggestions email


FEMA offers some of its public data in machine readable format via an Application Programming Interface (API). Click here to access FEMA's developer resources.


The OpenFEMA team consists of a diverse mix of dedicated and experienced FEMA employees, contractors and teaming partners under the FEMA Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO). To contact our team for questions, comments or requests email

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OpenFEMA's collaboration topics allow users to submit their ideas, our community discusses and votes for ideas and the best ideas bubble up to the top. These collaboration topics hope to generate discussion on a number of topics, including:

  • Using FEMA's datasets
  • Ways to improve  your experience using FEMA datasets
  • Other areas of focus for future datasets

Feel free to comment on or discuss any of these issues on OpenFEMA's collaboration topic discussion board.

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Disclaimer: FEMA does not endorse any private or non-profit entities, but provides this data on its web site for informational purposes only.

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