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There are some known problems with RASPLOT, Version 2.5, resulting in some user difficulty with the software. This page describes the known problems and presents possible solutions to help users avoid and/or deal with problems should they arise. If you are having a problem with RASPLOT, Version 2.5, that is not addressed on this page, please visit our Software Help Page so that the issue can be reviewed and handled in an appropriate manner.

Users please note, RASPLOT, Version 3.0 Beta is available that may resolve some of these issues. This latest version includes new features such as the Floodway Data Table (FDT) creation tool which allows users to easily create FDTs; an option for user-exchange of data between the program and FIRM database tables and Adobe PDF generation and batch merge options. To view the most recent version of RASPLOT, visit the RASPLOT Vesion 3.0 Homepage for more details and user instructions.

RASPLOT Version 2.5 Software Issues

Question Problem 1: RASPLOT will not run if a stream does not have a reach name.

SolutionSolution: Assign a reach name when drawing the schematic diagram.

Question Problem 2: In Section 3, the distance of multiple openings and the water-surface elevation at the internal sections of multiple openings are not extracted properly by RASPLOT.

SolutionSolution: For individual assistance with this problem, please complete the Software Help Form. Include all necessary contact information, select "RASPLOT Version 2.5" from the "Select the Software" pull-down menu and type in "Problem 1" in the "Problem Description" text box. Submit the request and you will receive a response regarding your specific inquiry.

Question Problem 3: During the first part of program installation for Windows NT/2000/XP, a message appears stating:

"Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system.
Click OK if you would like setup to update these files for you now.
You will need to restart Windows before you can run setup again."

This message recurs after clicking OK and restarting the system.

Solution Solution: The installation of RASPLOT on an NT/2000/XP system needs to be performed by someone who has administrative rights to your system (e.g. Helpdesk). The reason the message keeps recurring is because setup is unable to update the files based on your account privileges.

question Problem 4: The text or labels shown in the profile when using the DXF editor is not being displayed correctly.

Solution Solution: The Windows Operating System must have the "Univers Condensed Medium" font.

The following are known problems and will be resolved in the next release.

question Problem 5: At inline structures, the downstream WSEL is plotted as the upstream WSEL.

question Problem 6: For multiple openings, the upstream WSEL is not extracted properly from the HEC-RAS file.

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