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Training Opportunities

FEMA is committed to providing the highest level of support to its grantees. Training for FEMA grantees is key to FEMA's success in the ND Grants roll out.

GPD is focused on ensuring all users have a positive experience the first time they interact with the system. Training will comprise of system orientations and a combination of online and in-person training opportunities. Below lists current training materials.

ND Grants System Online Grantee Tutorials

GPD is pleased to provide grantees with recorded online tutorials on the Non-Disaster (ND) Grants system. The online tutorials can be accessed at any time for self-paced training on the ND Grants system. Links to the tutorials are provided below.

To confirm you have the required software on your computer to view the tutorials, go to If you have any difficulties installing the required software on your computer, please contact your in-house technical assistance support.

Any questions about the recordings can be addressed to

ND Grants Grantee Training Manual

ND Grants Frequently Asked Questions for Grantees


Module 1 - How to register and log in to ND Grants


Lessons 1- 4

• Register and login into ND Grants
• Navigate the ND Grants system


Module 2 - How to manage organizations in ND Grants


Lessons 1-3

• Create and update organizations

Lessons 4 - 6

• Request access to organizations
• Review and approve access requests
• View users of your organization

Lessons 7 - 10

• Adding and updating contacts


Module 3 - How to manage applications in ND Grants


Lessons 1-2

• Start an application in
• Monitor submitted applications

Lesson 3

• Complete and submit an application


Module 4 - How to manage awards in ND Grants


Lessons 1 - 3

• Review and accept award packages
• View awards
• Submitting an 1199A form

Lessons 4 - 6

• Create and update amendments

Lessons 7 - 9

• Viewing and deleting amendments
• Create and submit performance reports


Module 5 - How to use the ND Grants mail center


Lessons 1 - 4

• Manage your ND Grants mailbox



Contact the Help Desk

If you need help using the ND Grants System, please contact the ND Grants Service Desk at 1-800-865-4076 or If you have programmatic or grants management questions, please contact your Program Analyst or Grants Specialist.

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