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FEMA Electronic Interconnection Security Agreement (eISA) Website

About the FEMA eISA website:

This is a tool for Assistance Partners from all levels of government, emergency managers, and planners to request access to FEMA resources to assist in response and recovery efforts. The intent of the Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) is to document and formalize the interconnection agreement between FEMA and other non-FEMA organizations.

Instructions for processing the eISA are below. This process is not intended for individual assistance applicants. Visit to find and apply for individual assistance related to disaster recovery.

  1. Follow the link to the FEMA Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) Interconnection Security Agreement Acceptance Form.
  2. Complete the required information and click the [Submit] button.
  3. Upon successful submission the following message will be displayed: "Your FEMA Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) Interconnection Security Agreement Acceptance Form has been submitted to FEMA.” An e-mail message acknowledging your VPN application should arrive at the e-mail address supplied on the form. Once this email is received, you are expected to reply to the email within 24 hours. The reply email will be sent to The email will have a unique "confirmation" or "tracking" number that is in the subject line and email body.
  4. When your reply email is received the information will be validated by FEMA Security and Electronic Interconnection Security Agreement will be emailed to you.  After indicating your acceptance of the agreement, your FEMA Contact will be notified that the request for VPN access is approved or disapproved. Your FEMA Contact will continue with the rest of the standard process to establish your connectivity.

If there are any errors in the data the Assistance Partner supplied, they will have to submit the information again. This information is not saved at the site and cannot be retrieved. Please contact if you have any questions about the site.

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03/24/2015 - 11:17