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March 17, 2003
Chillicothe, OH -- A toll-free application telephone number is now operational for those who suffered property damage or loss in the declared counties affected by the severe winter storms beginning...
March 14, 2003
Washington, D.C. -- Federal disaster aid was made available today for Ohio to help people and communities recover from the effects of a severe winter storm and record snowfall that struck the...
December 18, 2002
Columbus, OH -- One month after Ohio was declared a major disaster area for tornadoes and severe storms, disaster recovery grants and low-interest disaster loans to help those affected have reached $...
December 17, 2002
Columbus, OH -- Residents and business owners in Cuyahoga and Summit counties who suffered damages from the tornadoes and severe storms on November 10 may apply for assistance by calling the toll-...
December 16, 2002
Columbus, OH -- Residents of Cuyahoga and Summit counties who suffered damages from the tornadoes and severe storms, and have registered for disaster assistance, can expect a visit from one or more...
December 12, 2002
Findlay, OH -- Disaster assistance for Cuyahoga and Summit counties has been made available to help homeowners, renters and business owners recover from the effects of the November 10 tornadoes and...
December 10, 2002
University of Dayton engineering professor Joseph Saliba (right) and a Van Wert, OH Habitat for Humanity volunteer discuss the value of "hurricane clips" in reducing wind-related storm deaths and...
December 9, 2002
Findlay, OH -- In the one month since tornadoes caused a path of destruction through northwest Ohio, more than $950,000 has been approved to assist in the recovery of those affected by the...
December 5, 2002
Findlay, OH -- People interested in learning about rebuilding stronger are invited to attend a roundtable discussion on Wind Resistant Construction Techniques, sponsored by the Ohio Emergency...
December 4, 2002
Findlay, OH -- In the eight days that the Disaster Recovery Centers were open, 279 visits were made to one of the five fixed or satellite operations, state and federal recovery officials said today...


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