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Guidance for Old Town Galena Residents on FEMA Decision Regarding Permanent Construction

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September 5, 2013
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Because of the continuous threat posed by flood and ice to residents and property in Old Town Galena, FEMA has decided federal funds will not be used to rebuild permanently in Old Town. The decision, supported by our State of Alaska partner, will help ensure that FEMA funds are directed to helping Galena grow stronger and safer for the future. This fact sheet outlines the types of work that will and will not be covered by FEMA and our affiliated agencies in Old Town.

FEMA’s Individual Assistance program can provide:

  • Assistance dollars directly to households to repair their home
  • Assistance dollars directly to households to pay rental assistance (only available if applicant does not choose any type of direct assistance)


  • FEMA purchases repair materials, and households ship and perform repairs
  • FEMA purchases and ships repair materials, and households perform repairs


  • Emergency assistance work (muck out and gut homes, and minor debris removal) performed by AmeriCorps can continue
  • Repairs currently happening by FEMA-sponsored voluntary organizations can proceed

FEMA’s Public Assistance program can provide:

  • Assistance awards to help reimburse the city of Galena for the cost of emergency measures, including debris removal and establishing emergency access, restoring power, etc.

NFIP insurance can be provided in Old Town:

  • No limitations other than requirements outlined in individual standard flood insurance policy; will require an elevation certificate in the SFHA or “A” flood zone
  • If eligible, and there is room within the Individual Assistance award cap, a certificate for the 3-year Group Flood Insurance Policy (GFIP)

Others may assist in Old Town:

  • Non-FEMA entities are not subject to these limitations
  • Individuals can contract labor or repairs
  • Volunteers not sponsored by FEMA are not prevented from assisting with repairs
  • Other federal, state, tribal or local agencies and organizations can still assist at their discretion

FEMA cannot provide:

  • FEMA-funded permanent infrastructure repair
  • FEMA-funded direct contract repairs to structures
  • FEMA-sponsored voluntary agency (UMVIM, Disciples of Christ, etc.) repair work to structures going forward
  • FEMA-funded rebuilding of homes and infrastructure
  • FEMA-funded relocation or elevation of homes and infrastructure
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September 13, 2013 - 12:51
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