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Five Years After Katrina, Billions In Federal Assistance Has Helped Mississippians Recover And Rebuild Safer

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August 25, 2010
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BILOXI, Miss. -- When Hurricane Katrina made landfall on Aug. 29, 2005, the face of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and thousands of lives were changed forever. During the five-year recovery process, both the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency have worked with local governments and communities statewide to ensure that Mississippi rebuilds stronger and safer.

The following is a summary of the federal and state assistance provided throughout the state during the last five years:


  • $3 billion – the total spent to help individuals and families meet their basic needs and begin to recover. This includes $1.5 billion to provide temporary housing units for families displaced by the storm.
  • 175 families – the number of families still living in temporary FEMA housing. More than 45,000 individuals and families used FEMA trailers and mobile homes.
  • 2,826 – the number of families who used a Mississippi Cottage during MEMA's Mississippi Alternative Housing Program.
  • $3 billion – the amount committed to restore schools, public buildings, roads and bridges, medical facilities, parks and other infrastructure and for debris removal and emergency response during and after the storm.
  • $294 million – federal funds for safe rooms, shelters, hurricane-proofing and other projects to reduce the effect of future disasters.

Rebuilding Mississippi infrastructure
Three billion dollars in FEMA Public Assistance funds has been obligated to rebuild infrastructure in Mississippi, including:

  • $187 million for public recreation facilities.
  • $890 million for public utilities.
  • $652 million to restore public buildings.
  • $91 million for roads and bridges.
  • $66 million for medical facilities.

Nearly 900 state and local governments in Mississippi have applied for FEMA's Public Assistance grant program. The program provides assistance for debris removal, emergency protective measures and the repair, replacement or restoration of disaster-damaged, publicly owned or supported facilities and the facilities of certain private nonprofit organizations. 
The program is managed and funds disbursed by MEMA.

To date, MEMA has distributed more than $2.16 billion to local governments through the program.

Preparing for future disasters
FEMA has obligated more than $180 million for 287 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program projects statewide. This is part of the $294 million available to Mississippi for projects to reduce the impact of disasters on people and property.

More than $138 million has been approved for shelters and safe rooms to protect approximately 69,000 residents and first responders. More projects are being reviewed.

The program provides grants to states and local governments for long-term hazard mitigation measures to reduce the loss of life and property due to natural disasters and to enable mitigation measures to be implemented during the immediate recovery from a disaster. The program is managed by MEMA who identifies and manages projects from beginning to closeout.

Since August 2005, MEMA has also assisted 92 local governments with a FEMA-approved hazard mitigation plan for their county/city.

Flood Insurance
More than $2.8 billion in National Flood Insurance Program claims has been paid to Mississippi policy holders since Katrina, with 98 percent of claims closed out. The number of flood insurance policies since Katrina has increased from 46,982 to 76,521 –
a 63 percent increase.

Assisting Individuals and Families
FEMA has provided more than $1.3 billion to help families and individuals recovery and begin rebuilding immediately after the...

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