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FEMA/Territory Work To Restore Infrastructure Damaged During September 29, 2009 Earthquake, Tsunami, And Flooding

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February 17, 2010
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PAGO PAGO, AS -- After a federally declared disaster, funding for the repair or rebuilding of damaged public infrastructure is a critical part of the recovery process. Accordingly, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), through its Public Assistance (PA) Program, will reimburse the Territory of American Samoa for 90% of the eligible cost for emergency measures and permanent restoration. Additionally, the President has authorized 100% Federal share of assistance for a 30 consecutive day period chosen by each applicant for debris clearance and emergency work required as a result of the September 29 disaster.

FEMA has approved $ 10,313,314.00 in eligible costs. Of that FEMA will pay 90%, or $9,281,982.60.

The PA Program also encourages protection of these damaged facilities from future events by providing assistance for hazard mitigation measures during the recovery process.

Kick-Off Meetings [A detailed review of the program as it applies specifically to the applicant] were held during the months of October and November.  Various public agencies and nonprofit organizations submitted 32 Requests for Public Assistance. Projects included Debris Removal; Emergency Protective Measures; Roads and Bridges; Water Control Facilities; Buildings and Equipment; Utilities; Parks, Recreational Facilities, and Other Facilities.

To date FEMA has funded 64 of an estimated 181 projects. The costs shown below are the total eligible amounts (by project) for the 64 approved projects. Some of the original costs were reduced because of anticipated insurance recovery. FEMA, ASG and the local government applicants continue to work on documenting costs for the remainder of the projects.

                                                                                                            Cost                 Subtotal by applicant

American Samoa Community College           Restore Campus Buildings                               $1,891.13              $1,891.13             


American Samoa Power Authority                  Island-wide Debris Removal             $360,000.00

American Samoa Power Authority                  Repair Waterline                                  $63,128.01

American Samoa Power Authority                  Emergency Repairs (10 projects)     $466,408.90

American Samoa Power Authority                  Restore Pow...

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