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Tennessee Tornadoes One Year Later

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April 13, 2007
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ATLANTA, Ga. -- In early April 2006, severe storm systems unleashed violent tornadoes that forged a path of destruction across 15 Tennessee counties. The loss of life was tragic and the devastation to communities was extensive. On April 5, 2006, President Bush declared a major disaster for the State of Tennessee, triggering the release of federal funds.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) responded with a wide range of assistance to help citizens, businesses and communities recover and rebuild. Ultimately, 2,016 Tennesseans registered for disaster assistance through the toll-free registration line.

As of April 12, 2007, State and federal assistance totaled more than $26.9 million in grants and loans to eligible residents, businesses, governmental and certain private non-profit agencies. 

  • FEMA provided $1,582,688.06 in federal grants through its Individuals and Households (IHP) programs. Both the Housing Assistance and Other Needs Assistance programs are administered by FEMA.  This includes:
    • $811,063.04 through the Housing Assistance program, fully funded by FEMA, that provides money for repairs and rental assistance;
    • $771,625.02 to storm victims to cover other needs related to the disaster, such as funeral and dental expenses resulting from the disaster, loss of personal property and transportation. This figure represents 75 percent of the overall program cost. The State's share is 25 percent.
  • FEMA has provided $8,609,100.49 in Public Assistance program funding to the State of Tennessee for reimbursement to state agencies, local governments, and private non-profits for debris removal, emergency protective measures and repair, or replacement of damaged roads and bridges, public buildings, and water control facilities. Most was for municipal utilities, removal of debris from rights-of-way, and overtime costs for emergency personnel. The figure represents 75 percent of the overall eligible costs. The remaining 25 percent is a cost-shared by other non-federal sources. In Tennessee, the State picks up half of the required matching funds and the local community is responsible for the remaining 12.5 percent of the match.
  • FEMA assisted 1,238 disaster victims at disaster recovery centers.
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), which partners with FEMA on post-disaster recovery efforts, approved a total of $16,786,600 in financial assistance to homeowners, renters and businesses that experienced physical and economic damage as a result of the outbreak. This includes $13,488,800 for homeowners and renters and $3,297,800 for businesses.

The following chart offers a breakdown of FEMA assistance by county:

Tennessee Tornado Recovery

IHP - Individual and Household Program
HA - Housing Assistance
ON -  Other Needs
As of 4/12/2007

County Applications IHP Amount HA Amount ON Amount Public Assistance
(federal share)
Benton (County) 17 $11,203.34 $10,800.00 $403.34 $86,726.57
Cannon (County) 110 $18,431.07 $17,231.07 $1,200.00 $35,838.36
Carroll (County) 30 $18,533.68 $13,856.00 $4,677.68 *
Cheatham (County) 23 $59,047.96 $56,938.97 $2,108.99 $23,700.09
Cumberland (County) 104 $37,214.31 $26,858.27 $10,356.04 $98,268.32
Davidson (County) 111 $111,098.18 $71,384.98 $39,713.20 $331723.41
Dickson (County) 49 $72,411.06 $55,504.57 $16,906.49 $93,022.59
Dyer (County) 251 $340,938.85 $119,403.68 $221,535.17 $657,664.37
Fayette (County) 22 $8,705.99 $8,516.00 $189.99 $13,730.22
Gibson (County) 673 $620,244.56 $318,200.45 $302,044.11 $1,210,109.68
Haywood (County) 35 $34,812.71 $25,556.00 $9,256.71 $22,178.35
Sumner (County) 440 $158,751.72 $28,234.84 $130,516.88 $1,771,606.28
Warren (County) 38 $63,051.52 $30,711.00 $32,340.52 $46,647.54
Weakley (County) 34 $28,243.11 $27,867.21 $375.90 *
Other Counties 79     * * * STATEWIDE PA $4,217,884.71
  TOTAL 2,016 $1,582,688.06 $811,063.04 $771,625.02 $8,609,100.49

* Counties declared eligible for Individual Assistance only.

***Public Assistance granted to agencies and utility companies serving multiple counties.

FEMA coordinates the federal government's role in preparing for, preventing, mitigating the effects of, responding to, and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether natural or man-made, including acts of terror. 

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