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January 23, 2007
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Columbia, Mo. -- In an attempt to clarify the nature and extent of Federal assistance related to the recent ice storms, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) today issued the following reminders:

  • Local and state governments, as well as certain nonprofits, are eligible to apply for reimbursement costs for the removal of disaster-related debris from public roads and rights-of-way.

  • Debris removal from private property is generally not eligible for reimbursement costs from FEMA .

  • Decisions regarding the removal of disaster-related debris are handled at the local level . FEMA neither authorizes nor oversees debris removal programs, but simply reimburses state and local governments, as well as certain nonprofits, for eligible costs.

  • Communities are encouraged to utilize volunteers to assist in debris cleanup. This will reduce the local cost-share of the disaster recovery effort.

  • Questions regarding debris removal from private property should be directed to city or county offices. Generally, tree limbs and other naturally occurring debris on private property are not considered a public health and safety threat. Therefore, FEMA does not reimburse the removal of such debris.

  • The National Guard is here for preservation of life/safety issues and to clear debris from critical routes only -not from private property. Life/safety priorities for the Missouri National Guard are determined based on written requests by local officials submitted to the Missouri State Emergency Operations Center .

  • Local officials with questions regarding debris removal are invited to call the Missouri State Emergency Operations Center : (573) 526-9100 .

  • The American Red Cross is taking the lead in addressing the needs of individual Missourians adversely affected by the ice storms. Please direct calls to the American Red Cross, 1-866-GET-INFO (438-4636) , or to the Missouri Disaster Hotline, 1-888-377-2100 .

FEMA manages federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident, initiates mitigation activities and manages the National Flood Insurance Program.  FEMA works closely with state and local emergency managers, law enforcement personnel, firefighters and other first responders.  FEMA became part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on March 1, 2003.

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