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Hurricane Katrina Mississippi Recovery Update: Week 69

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December 21, 2006
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BILOXI, Miss. -- The holiday season is an opportunity to give the gift of disaster preparedness. While the recovery efforts continue, disaster officials urge citizens to keep readiness a priority and create a preparedness kit for their homes and businesses. A fully stocked disaster kit includes such items as a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water, a NOAA weather radio, and blankets or sleeping bags. A disaster kit would make a sensible holiday gift for any family.

In partnership with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has obligated more than $9.4 billion in disaster aid to Mississippi as of Dec. 14, 2006.

Approximately $1.1 billion has been approved in the following Public Assistance (PA) categories (not including debris removal). To date, more than $918 million has been disbursed to PA applicants for rebuilding projects including bridges, public buildings and utilities. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency administers the funds. The $1.1 billion approved for PA includes:

  • $328 million for emergency protective measures;
  • $406 million to repair public buildings;
  • $299 million to restore public utilities;
  • $57 million to restore public recreational facilities such as state parks;
  • $30 million to repair roads and bridges;
  • $1.6 million to repair water control devices such as reservoirs and irrigation channels.

Approximately $1.3 billion to individuals and families:

  • 216,437 individuals and families have been approved for Housing Assistance totaling more than $848 million;
  • 134,051 Mississippi Hurricane Katrina survivors have been approved for more than $412 million in Other Needs Assistance. 

More than $1.3 billion has been approved for debris removal including nearly $222 million for marine debris and $790 million for land-based debris.

  • Approximately 45 million cubic yards of eligible land-based debris has been removed from public and private property throughout the state including 26 million cubic yards of debris in the lower three counties.
  • FEMA has given a six-month extension for the removal of land-based debris in the inundated areas of the three coastal counties.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard has cleared more than 43,000 cubic yards of marine debris, and has completed four of 16 marine debris removal contracts.  Marine debris removal will be 100 percent federally funded until May 15, 2007.

Other assistance:

  • FEMA paid nearly $2.5 billion through its National Flood Insurance Program to 17,122 policy holders;
  • FEMA paid nearly $3 billion to other federal agencies to complete specific tasks or mission assignments during response and recovery, such as emergency medical assistance and debris removal;
  • As of Dec. 14, 2006, there were 31,211 temporary housing units (travel trailers and mobile homes) in service. These units are being returned to FEMA at an average of 250 units per week.

In addition, more than $2.6 billion in U.S. Small Business Administration loans have been approved for Mississippians.

  • Nearly $2.1 billion in loans to 31,067 homeowners and renters;
  • More than $530 million to 4,335 businesses;
  • More than $19 million to 328 small businesses for working capital.

The above figures were compiled as of Dec. 15, 2006.

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