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August 29, 2006
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AUSTIN, Texas -- Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast Aug. 29, 2005. Below is a summary of information related to Katrina recovery efforts in Texas.

3 Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana Aug. 29, 2005, causing storm surges that swamped New Orleans levees. The storm was the third strongest to make landfall in the U.S. and the third worst hurricane in terms of lives lost. However, Katrina was the costliest on record in terms of dollar damages.
4,000 FEMA issued 4,000 authorization codes to evacuees in hotels to identify those qualified to remain in hotels until apartments could be arranged.
38,000 In November of 2005, some 38,000 Katrina evacuees living in Texas were receiving Disaster Unemployment Assistance and Unemployment Insurance benefits from their home state of Louisiana. Through the entire DUA benefit period, nearly 300,000 Louisiana residents scattered throughout the US received just over $1 billion in benefits.
61,719 During the height of the response to Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, there were 61,719 active duty FEMA, Department of Defense, Louisiana state and U.S. Coast Guard personnel supporting relief operations.
85,000 FEMA sheltered Katrina survivors nationwide in 85,000 hotel rooms, pending transition to longer-term sheltering.
107,000 More than 107,000 households in Texas are currently receiving rental assistance from FEMA through its Individuals and Households Program under Section 408 of the Stafford Act. This includes both Katrina and Rita evacuees.
137,000 A total of 137,000 Hurricane Katrina evacuees went to 242 public shelters in Texas.
144,135 A total of 144,135 Hurricane Katrina survivors registering for FEMA assistance initially listed a Texas address.
195,000 At the peak of the disaster response to the hurricanes, FEMA sheltered an estimated 195,000 evacuees in hotel rooms in Texas.
$541 Million FEMA's Public Assistance program has reimbursed public agencies in Texas more than $541 million for Katrina-related costs, including emergency sheltering, interim housing and emergency protective services, such as fire, police and security.
$650 Million FEMA paid $650 million for hotel and motel rooms for Katrina evacuees nationwide.
$735 Million...
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