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October 10, 2002
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Baton Rouge, LA -- Inspectors from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other disaster assistance agencies are in the field as an important part of the recovery process for people affected by Tropical Store Isidore and Hurricane Lili.

"Intimidating or failing to cooperate with these inspectors means the process may be stopped and a check will not be written for the applicant," Carlos Mitchell, federal coordinating officer, said. "It is against the law to threaten or harm a federal inspector. They are here to assist you, the applicant, and to move the process forward."

If there is doubt that the inspector is who he says he is and fails to provide a photo ID, applicants should re-schedule the inspection and call the local police department to report the incident.

The following are points to remember during inspections:

  • All inspectors wear a current photo identification badge.
  • Clothing with names or insignias is not an indication they work for the agency.
  • All FEMA inspectors carry a hand-held computer. It has information about the person whose household they are inspecting in the computer.
  • The computer is only for FEMA programs. It has no other use to anyone else.
  • Inspectors do not determine any dollar amounts. They only look at reported damage and document it.
  • Inspectors come by appointment only.
  • Inspectors do not carry money.

In addition to FEMA inspectors other inspectors or verifiers may visit. After the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) application has been completed and returned to SBA, an SBA verifier will make an appointment for an inspection. The American Red Cross may conduct a home visit to verify loss and the need for Red Cross Assistance. This visit is done in teams of two or more. Local building and safety inspectors may be sent to see if damaged buildings are safe to occupy. All inspectors and verifiers carry official photo identification. If an inspector is not wearing an identification card or badge, ask to see it.

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