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FEMA Awards Crisis Counseling Grant

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September 28, 2002
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Dededo, Guam -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded the Federal States of Micronesia a grant of $40,000 to provide crisis counseling for residents of Chuuk state.

"People in Chuuk have seen their lives severely affected by Tropical Storm Chata'an that hit the state in July", Federal Coordinating Officer Bill Carwile said in approving funds to support the program. "Recovery needs extend beyond physical and financial. FEMA's role is to provide citizens with the basic necessities to rebuild their lives."

Disaster officials point out that people who have gone through a disaster such as a typhoon may experience trouble sleeping, anxiety, irritability, depression and lack of concentration. Acknowledging feelings and stress is the first step to feeling better, they report.

"People who have had to leave their homes due to the storm are especially at risk for stress problems," Carwile continued. "Generally, these feelings and responses do not last long, but it is not uncommon to experience them many months after the event."

Officials also suggest that talking about disaster experiences and sharing feelings about them will help people feel better about what has happened. Those who wish to talk to someone about their feelings regarding their disaster-related losses are encouraged to call 691-330-3589 for referrals. All calls will be kept confidential. Brochures on stress are available in several languages including Chuukese, Palauan, Chamorro, Filipino and Pohnepian, and can be obtained from the Disaster Recovery Center in Weno.

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