World Trade Center And Pentagon Disaster Update

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September 26, 2001
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Washington, DC -- Thus far, 9,333 persons in the New York City (NYC) area have used the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) toll-free teleregistration number (1-800-462-9029) to register for assistance.

Yesterday, FEMA, New York State and NYC officials conducted a conference call with leaders of national voluntary organizations active in disasters to discuss a long-term strategy for using the millions of dollars in donated funds. FEMA will contact the groups that have been receiving these donations and invite them to coordinate with FEMA in identifying gaps in assistance so that funds can be targeted to those who need it most.

In addition to those from voluntary organizations, 3,571 federal personnel (1,596 from FEMA) are working in direct support of recovery operations in New York and Virginia.

Here is the latest information:

New York

  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has completed its mission assignment to provide debris estimates and reports that 1.2 million tons of steel, concrete and glass were left on the ground following the World Trade Center attacks. As of last night, 115,756 tons of debris had been removed to a landfill on Staten Island.
  • New York City officials report that 279 bodies have been recovered. The number of injured is 6,408 and 6,398 are listed as missing.
  • Eight FEMA Urban Search and Rescue task forces remain on duty in New York City. Another task force from Nevada is en route today, and one from California will leave from McGuire Air Force Base tomorrow. Two additional California task forces may depart for NYC this weekend. Six previously deployed task forces have been rested and resupplied and are available to return to New York if needed.
  • More than 570 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) personnel are deployed in the NYC area to augment medical personnel assisting victims and rescue/recovery workers. Included are veterinary medical assistance teams that have treated 48 search and rescue dogs to date. HHS mental health services personnel and U.S. Public Health Service reservists are providing services to federal responders at three locations.
  • FEMA has approved $11.373 million in crisis counseling funds for the state of New York. FEMA and HHS' National Institutes of Health Center for Mental Health Services are working with state mental health directors in contiguous states to assess needs.
  • Con Edison reports no remaining power outages. All customers who can receive power are connected to emergency generators or to the "extremely fragile" Con Edison grid.


  • FEMA's Disaster Field Office reports that the Urban Search and Rescue mission is completed. There are 125 dead or missing at the Pentagon, not including aircraft passengers. To date, 118 remains have been recovered and transported to Dover AFB in Delaware for identification.
  • American Red Cross mental health volunteers have provided 6,356 crisis-counseling sessions to victims, families and disaster workers in the aftermath of the Pentagon attack.
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July 16, 2012 - 18:46
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