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Tour Shows City's Efforts To Reduce Flooding Losses

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May 4, 2001
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Quincy, MA -- The City of Quincy, a Project ImpacQuincy, MA, May 4, 2001 -- John Morrell of Quincy, Mass. gives local, state and federal officials a tour of his recently renovated home. The renovations include a new, elevated foundation and raised utilities in the basement. The project lifts the home above the base flood elevation and utilities are more likely to remain dry during high water. Seen here with Morrell are Peter McPherson, Quincy Department of Community Development; Bud Iannazzo, deputy state coordinating officer, and Kevin Merli, FEMA Region I Director of Mitigation.  t community, today showcased mitigation measures at three private homes and a municipal pumping station that have significantly reduce the risk of damage from coastal storm surges and flooding.

A group of federal, state and local officials inspected the projects along with media representatives.

The homes had undergone elevation or retrofitting to make them disaster resistant. The public project included redesigned seawalls and drainage systems.

Funding was largely from FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management administered the projects.

Quincy, which has 2,183 flood insurance policies in force, registered only six claims in the current disaster when seven eastern Massachusetts counties suffered damage from severe storms and flooding in March.

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