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April is a Good Time to Start Thinking About Flood Insurance

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April 2, 2001
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Kansas City, MO -- The first days of April are a reminder that spring is just around the corner. Warmer weather brings a spring thaw, rainy days, and flooding. FEMA is committed to helping Americans protect themselves from the threat of floods and other natural hazards. You can't prevent disasters, but you can help people to be better prepared by understanding the need to purchase flood insurance. That is why we are asking for your help in promoting the purchase of National Flood Insurance to protect the investments people have made in their homes and property.

How can local officials promote National Flood Insurance in their communities?

  • Make sure your community participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); this participation includes adopting and enforcing flood ordinances that meet minimum NFIP requirements.
  • Identify the risks in your community and purchase adequate flood insurance coverage on public buildings.
  • Send NFIP information in mailings to your community and publish it in public information areas.
  • Enclose NFIP brochures in regular mass mailings, newsletters and utility statements.
  • Host a community seminar on the NFIP and disaster resistance.
  • Encourage people to buy National Flood Insurance in your speeches and articles.

Floods are a constant threat, causing billions of dollars in damage. FEMA's federal disaster programs do not completely reimburse victims for their damages and are only available upon a Presidentially declared disaster.

Actually, most assistance to individuals is in the form of low interest loans from the Small Business Administration following a federal declaration.

Homeowners' insurance policies do not provide flood coverage either. The National Flood Insurance Program, however, provides flood victims with coverage for their homes and belongings even when a disaster is not declared. You can help your neighbors by letting them know that flood insurance is available to them. In turn, you can help your community to be better protected from financial losses.

Through our mitigation initiatives, communities are identifying their risks and finding creative approaches at the local level to increase disaster resistance in their community. To find out more about mitigating your risks or the National Flood Insurance Program, please call FEMA's Office of Intergovernmental Affairs at (202) 646-4515.

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