Blaine County Joins Project Impact to Take Disaster Prevention Actions

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November 1, 1999
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Boise, Idaho -- Idaho Bureau of Disaster Services Director John Cline today announced that Idaho is expanding its partnership in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) efforts to prevent damage and loss of life from natural disasters. Blaine County was nominated by the State of Idaho and been selected by FEMA Director James Lee Witt to join nearly 200 communities participating in FEMA's nationwide.

Project Impact: Building Disaster Resistant Communities initiative.

Project Impact" is all about forging local stakeholder partnerships, prioritizing hazards, pooling resources and taking action," said Cline. "Blaine County has an extremely solid public/private partnership in their Y2K task force. That task force, lead by local businesses, can easily expand to cover natural threats through pre-disaster mitigation and preparedness. They're a 'natural' for Project Impact!"

FEMA Regional Director David L. de Courcy, concurs. "When we discuss wildfire, floods, winter storms or earthquakes, it's with the certainty that they will occur some time," said de Courcy. "In Idaho, Blaine County joins Boise and Kamiah in their commitment to reducing the toll on their citizens from natural disasters."

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July 19, 2012 - 23:02
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