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Preventing Future Flood Losses

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August 15, 1999
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- Floods take a heavy toll on everyone-individuals and communities alike. Since 1993, five floods have hit Iowa that resulted in presidential disaster declarations. The State of Iowa is working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to prevent or minimize damage from future flooding.

One way to do that is to help people move out of harm's way. If you have been flooded and wish to move, funds may be available to buy your home and offset some or all of your moving costs.

If you feel your home is at risk and you are interested in moving, contact and work with your local government officials. Flood protection projects, such as buyouts, are developed at the local level and submitted to the state for approval under the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. FEMA, in cooperation with the state of Iowa, is making a concerted effort to remove structures that are at risk from potential flooding. The relocation or acquisition of primary residences is the state's highest flood protection priority.

Once accepted, the project competes with other projects across the state for funding. If funding is approved, a combination of federal (75 percent) and non-federal (25 percent) funds will be made available to your community to purchase your property, demolish the structure and clear the lot, which will then be maintained in perpetuity as a green space.

To obtain more information, homeowners should contact local government, the local emergency manager, and local building officials.

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