FEMA Operators Process More than 10,000 Kosovo Relief Calls

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April 8, 1999
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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Since activating the new tollfree donation hotline two days ago, FEMA operators have handled more than 10,000 calls. When President Clinton announced the special hotline 1-800-USAID-RELIEF (800-872-4373), he asked FEMA to help the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) process incoming calls.

FEMA activated its National Service Processing Center (NPSC) in Hyattsville, Md. and immediately began staffing the facility to assist USAID. Normally used to process calls from U.S. disaster victims eligible for federal assistance, the NPSC quickly modified its system to help match callers with organizations helping the Kosovar refugees. FEMA's other processing centers continue to handle calls from U.S. disaster victims.

For more about the relief effort visit the USAID's web site at http://www.info.usaid.gov/hum_response/ofda/

InterAction, a coalition of more than 160 US-based private relief, development and refugee assistance agencies has developed an online list of organizations actively involved in this international relief effort and has posted it at http://www.interaction.org/kosovo/index.html

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