Lessons Learned/Continuous Improvement Program (LL/CIP)

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Lessons Learned/Continuous Improvement Program (LL/CIP)

LLIS.gov enables emergency management and homeland security professionals to collaborate, communicate, network and share lessons learned, best practices and innovative ideas in a secure environment. Sponsored and administered by FEMA's National Preparedness and Assessment Division (NPAD), LLIS.gov is designed as a “user-driven,” interactive program that relies upon the whole community for generation and sharing of best practices and lessons learned.


Hurricane Sandy Resources
This house was destroyed by the storm surge of Hurricane Sandy. Cleanup continues, but residents are not allowed over to the barrier islands until conditions are safe. FEMA is working with many partners including federal, state, local and tribal governments, voluntary, faith-based and community-based organizations, and the private sector to assist residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy.
LLIS.gov provides many resources to help responders and officials collaborate and locate critical information as they address Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. Click here to preview the Current Events – Hurricane Sandy resource page.
  • Innovative Ideas and Practices
  • Hurricane Sandy Information
  • Hurricane Sandy Forum
  • Federal, Private Sector, State and Local Recovery
  • Exclusive Content
  • Community Resources
Lessons Learned Information Sharing
www.llis.gov icon of website offereings: Lessons Learned, Best Practices, After Action Reports (AARs), Tools, Templates and Guidance
LLIS.gov is a free, secure online resource that provides an extensive library of valuable information resources and tools for nation-wide communication, collaboration, and sharing of innovative ideas and practices. Content Includes:


The mission of the LL/CIP is to improve preparedness by enabling continuous improvement among the whole community through the development and sharing of knowledge and experience.

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