Insurance Outreach Toolkit for Flood Map Updates

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This toolkit is designed for communities going through flood map updates. While regular updates to flood hazard maps are critically important to help protect lives and properties in communities across the country, these updates can often confuse property owners and challenge industry representatives and local officials who need to clearly explain to constituents, clients and the media the insurance implications of map changes in their area. This comprehensive suite of materials can help!

Whether you're a county or community leader or a member of the insurance, real estate, lending or building industries, the easy-to-use templates you'll find inside will help you effectively communicate what map changes will mean to those in your community.

A wide range of outreach materials have been created for the following user-groups, so take a look around and learn what the toolkit can do for you.

More information about outreach efforts in Hillsborough County, FL
Guidance on how to use this toolkit
Tips on effective outreach
Information about the FloodSmart campaign

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