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This comprehensive toolkit is designed to help local officials, insurance agents, real estate agents, lenders and others understand and explain the impact of, and important issues surrounding, flood map updates. Virtually any community - large or small - that is going through a re-mapping effort can utilize the materials.

The toolkit is divided into sections to reflect the audiences for whom the various pieces are designed - (1) Local/County Officials, (2) Insurance Agents, (3) Real Estate Agents, (4) Lenders and (5)Builders/Developers/Surveyors.

Important Things to Keep in Mind as You Work with Toolkit Materials:

  • The Word- format templates include core messages and information about flood map modernization that can be used in most areas of the country.
  • Each template clearly indicates - in highlighted brackets - where individual communities should add their own information and/or statistics.
  • Posted next to almost all of the Word template documents is a sample PDF file to show exactly how that piece was utilized when new preliminary flood maps were introduced in Hillsborough County, Florida in Fall 2005.
  • There are a few instances where there is no template document provided, as most of the information for that piece was unique to Hillsborough County. In these cases, communities can simply treat the Hillsborough piece as a model and use the same format to develop a piece containing information specific to their area.

Note: Depending on where a community is in its mapping lifecycle, minor wording changes may be necessary when using these template materials. However, if a community feels the need to substantially alter the core messages contained in these documents to meet unique communications needs around map changes in their area, they are encouraged to contact and coordinate with their FEMA Regional Office. All communities that wish to include the FEMA logo on their outreach materials must obtain permission in order to do so. Finally, all template materials include the "Mapping the Risk" graphic treatment. While this graphic identity can be used "as is," communities using these materials have the flexibility to include their own logos, local designs or county seals to brand the toolkit items.

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