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National Flood Insurance Program Flood Insurance Advocate

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The Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate advocates for the fair treatment of policyholders and property owners by providing education and guidance on all aspects of the NFIP, identifying trends affecting the public, and making recommendations for program improvements to FEMA leadership.


Section 24 of the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act ofCover image of the Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate Fact Sheet 2014 directed FEMA’s Administrator to establish a Flood Insurance Advocate to advocate for the fair treatment of policyholders under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and for property owners in the mapping of flood hazards, the identification of risks from flood, and the implementation of measures to minimize the risk of flood.

To provide advocacy assistance to policyholders and property owners, the FEMA Administrator designated a Flood Insurance Advocate, who in turn, established the Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate. The Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate is available to the public and staffed by NFIP program professionals who are experts in all aspects of the NFIP, including claims processes, the map review and amendment process, floodplain management, and flood mitigation techniques and resources.

Prior to contacting the Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate, the following existing flood insurance and mapping information resources should first be utilized:

Their insurance agent or NFIP insurer for information related to a current flood insurance policy, information on flood insurance, flood insurance premium quotes, questions about flood insurance claims, or guidance on how to obtain flood insurance.

Their local planning, building inspections, or zoning offices for information on building permits and local regulations or ordinances governing development in special flood hazard areas, to obtain copies of flood maps, or copies of existing elevation certificates and elevation information.

NFIP Help Center (1-800-427-4661) for general information about the NFIP, advice on how to obtain a property loss history report, or to seek information related to the various NFIP rating options, such as, grandfathering and elevation rating.

FEMA Regional Offices ( for information about the NFIP, specific questions about recent or future flood insurance or mapping related events, or more information on flood insurance related resources.

FloodSmart (1-888-225-5356 or for information about flood insurance coverage, how to  locate an insurance agent, or for more information and consumer-friendly materials about the NFIP and flood risk.

FEMA Map Information Xchange (FMIX) (1-877-FEMA MAP or 1-877-336-2627) or visit the FEMA Flood Map Service Center (MSC) (  for information on how to view or read a flood map, understanding zone definitions, how to read a Flood Insurance Study (FIS), learn about letters of map change and amendments, and information on a restudy and remapping information.

FEMA’s NFIP webpage ( for a broad range of NFIP informational and guidance publications and informational materials for Property Owners, Insurance agents, Claims Adjusters, Lenders, etc.

 NFIP Hotline  (1-800-621-3362)  for questions about flood insurance policies or the claims process. This hotline also   serves disaster survivors, who have general questions about the National Flood Insurance Program.   Additional information about the hotline may be found at /national-flood-insurance-program-technical-support-hotline.

For Additional Information

For more information about the Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate, how they can be contacted and what support functions the office can provide, please see the Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate Fact Sheet and the Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate Frequently Asked Questions

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