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Keep up with the latest developments and find out what's new in Flood Hazard Mapping. Follow the links above to view or download important resources pertaining to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Flood Hazard Mapping program, and the Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning (Risk MAP) effort. Sign up for e-mail updates on Flood Hazard Mapping Activities.

Risk MAP Flood Risk Products

Know your local flood risk by viewing and downloading your community’s flood risk products from FEMA’s Map Service Center (MSC) Product Catalog. Flood risk products are non-regulatory resources that help communities gain a better understanding of flood risk and its potential impacts that FEMA provides in addition to the regulatory Flood Insurance Rate Map and Flood Insurance Study products. Flood risk products may include: Flood Risk Map (FRM), Flood Risk Report (FRR), and Flood Risk Database (FRD).

For more information, go to FEMA’s Flood Risk Products webpage!

Online Application to Submit a LOMC Request

If a property owner thinks their property has been inadvertently mapped in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), they may submit a request to FEMA for a Letter of Map Change (LOMC). A SFHA is defined as the area that will be inundated by the flood event having a 1-percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year. A LOMC reflects an official revision/amendment to an effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). If the LOMC request is granted, property owners may be eligible for lower flood insurance premiums, or the option to not purchase flood insurance.

Applicants can now use the Online LOMC, an internet-based tool, to easily request map Amendments or Revisons: LOMA, CLOMA, LOMR-F, CLOMR-F, LOMR, or CLOMR. This new tool is a convenient way for applicants to upload all information and supporting documentation and check the status of their application online. Users can submit LOMC requests through this tool instead of filing the MT-EZ, MT-1, or MT-2 paper forms via mail. 

Get started today using the Online LOMC application.

View your Community’s Preliminary Flood Hazard Data 

View your community’s preliminary flood hazard data: over the web and in one convenient location! Preliminary flood hazard data provide an early look at your home or community’s risk to flood hazards. There are many benefits to viewing your community’s data before it becomes effective. For more information, visit the Preliminary Flood Hazard Data webpage.

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