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RUNUP, Version 2.0, is a DOS-based program for wave runup computation. This program uses stillwater elevation, shore profile and roughness and incident wave condition input information to compute a wave runup elevation that is consistent with the most detailed guidance currently available. Guidance on coastal modeling of wave runup and RUNUP 2.0 is available in FEMA’s Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners, Appendix D: Guidance for Coastal Flooding Analyses and Mapping (Apr 2003). Updates to the Atlantic and Gulf and Pacific Coast sections of Appendix D can be found at the links below:

For more information about how to use the program, please view the readme file. Click on the "More Info" icon if you need additional information about how to obtain and use WinZip.

A Technical Memorandum with detailed guidance for coastal flood hazard analyses and mapping in Sheltered Waters is available here.

Download RUNUP, Version 2.0

  1. Click on the link below to extract the .Zip archive to a local directory (e.g., C:\temp) on your computer's hard drive.

    Download RUNUP, Version 2.0 (59 KB .Zip file)

  2. Open the .Zip archive and extract the program files to a local directory on your hard drive (e.g., C:\RUNUP).

    (NOTE: all of the RUNUP files must be in the same directory for the program to function properly on your system).

  3. Set up the necessary input and output files for the program as outlined in the RUNUP, Version 2.0, readme file. After this step is complete, you are ready to use RUNUP to calculate wave runup.

  4. Go to the DOS prompt and navigate to the directory where the RUNUP files were saved in Step 2.

  5. Run RUNUP by typing the following at the DOS prompt:

               x:\DirectoryName\Runup2 Filename.out

    x= the drive where the RUNUP files are located;
    DirectoryName = the name of the directory where the RUNUP files are located;
    Runup2 = the command to start the RUNUP program; = the name of the RUNUP input file; and
    Filename.out = the name of the RUNUP output file.

Download the Guidelines and Specifications for Wave Elevation Determination and V Zone Mapping

Coastal Flood Hazard Technical Resources

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