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To submit feedback regarding software, please send an email to John Magnotti with the following information:

Message Subject: Software Feedback

Message Body:

  • *Name
  • Email
  • The name of the software you are reporting on:
    • CHAMP v.1.2
    • CHECK-2
    • CHECK-RAS v.1.4
    • CHECK-RAS v.2.0
    • QUICK2 v.1
    • QUICK2 v.2
    • RASPLOT v.2.5
  • Indicate the nature of your comment:
    • Coding error
    • Installation problem
    • Design issue
    • Suggestion
    • Documentation
    • Hardware
    • Query
  • Severity of the problem:
    • Annoyance
    • Serious
    • Fatal
  • Can the behavior be repeated?
  • Describe the problem completely. Include error messages if any. If the problem is reproducible, describe the steps necessary to reproduce the behavior. If you have found a workaround, please include it
  • Solution recommended (optional)

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