Map Modernization

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How Will It Help?

Map Modernization provides more accurate and up-to-date flood hazard information and enhances community officials’ and citizens’ decision-making and their ability to manage risks and other issues locally.

  • New data reflecting current flood hazard conditions enables citizens to more reliably assess their flood risk and take appropriate action to mitigate (i.e., reduce their physical and financial vulnerability to flooding).

  • The more accurate risk information that will result from Map Modernization will help local citizens choose the appropriate amount of flood insurance to purchase.

  • Map Modernization provides a more comprehensive approach to economic development, mitigation planning, and emergency response.

  • Communities will be more effective in managing flood risks, land use, water resources, disaster recovery, and other responsibilities.

  • Communities will be empowered to update maps and data as changes occur.

  • Goals and outcomes will be aligned among mapping partners.

  • The Mapping Information Platform supports integration of multi-hazard data and provides a broader view of total risk.
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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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