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National Exercise Program Selection Criteria

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The array of exercises that will be selected for each National Exercise Program (NEP) cycle should meet a host of criteria to ensure a balanced, manageable, relevant, and effective exercise program. These criteria include:

Inclusion in National Exercise Schedule (NEXS) System. To be eligible for inclusion in the NEP, an exercise must be entered by its exercise planners into the NEXS.

Alignment to Principal Objectives. The foremost criterion for selection into the NEP cycle is relevance and alignment to the Principal Objectives.

Geographic Diversity. To be a truly national exercise program, the NEP must incorporate exercises from across the entire country and from all levels of government.

Exercise Type. To build a progressive exercise cycle, a variety of exercise types (e.g., drills, workshops, tabletop exercises [TTXs], full-scale exercises [FSEs]) should be incorporated into the NEP.

Resources. Exercises that will be considered for inclusion into the NEP cycle should already have the commitment of a sponsoring department, agency, state, locality, or other jurisdiction or organization.

NEP Schedule. Exercises will also be considered based on the existing NEP schedule.

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