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The National Advisory Council (NAC) was established by the enactment of the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006 to ensure effective and ongoing coordination of Federal preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation for natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other manmade disasters. The NAC advises the FEMA Administrator on all aspects of emergency management. The NAC incorporates state, tribal, and local governments; nonprofit, and private sector input in the development and revision of the national preparedness goal, the national preparedness system, the National Incident Management System, and other related plans and strategies. 


The NAC shall consist of up to thirty-five members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Administrator. Members are designated as Represetnatives, Special Government Employees (SGEs), or Ex Officio. SGEs are defined in section 202(a) of Title 18 United States Code. To the extent practicable, the members shall be geographically diverse and represent a substantive cross-section of officials, emergency managers, and emergency response providers from state, local, and tribal governments, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations.

The current members of the NAC are listed below. The Administrator appoints one member of the NAC as the Chair and one member as the Vice Chair. Currently, Jim Featherstone is the Chair, and Teresa Scott is the Vice Chair. Please click here for a complete list of members.

  • Beth Armstrong - Standard Settings - Rep
  • Sarita Chung - In-Patient Medical Providers - SGE
  • Mark Cooper - Emergency Management - Rep
  • Nancy Dragani - State Non-Elected Officials - Rep
  • Jim Featherstone - Emergency Management - Rep
  • Lee Feldman - Local Non-Elected Officials - Rep
  • Edward Gabriel - Infrastructure Protection - RGE
  • Chris Howell - FEMA Administrator Selection - Rep
  • June Kailes - Functional and Access Needs - SGE
  • Emily Kidd - Emergency Medical Providers - SGE
  • Nim Kidd - FEMA Administrator Selection - SGE
  • Clifton Lacy - Health Scientist - SGE
  • Linda Langston - FEMA Administrator Selection - SGE
  • Robert Lee - FEMA Administrator Selection - SGE
  • Brian Lugo - Tribal Elected Officials - Rep
  • Suzet McKinney - Public Health - SGE
  • Ken Miyagishima - Local Elected Officials - Rep
  • Thomas Powers - Cyber Security - SGE
  • Richard Reed - FEMA Administrator Selection - SGE
  • Robert Salesses - U.S. Department of Defense - Ex Officio
  • Pat Santos - Emergency Response - Rep
  • Teresa Scott - FEMA Administrator Selection - SGE
  • Dennis Storemski - Emergency Response - Rep
  • Guy Swan - FEMA Administrator Selection - SGE
  • Mary Troupe - Disabilities - SGE
  • David Waldrop - Communications - SGE
  • Jeff Walker - Emergency Management - Rep
  • Phil Zarlengo - FEMA Administrator Selection - SGE

For more information on membership applications, please click on Membership Applications using the left-hand naviagation.

Upcoming Meetings

The NAC meets in public session approximately twice a year. The last public meeting of the NAC was on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA. During the meeting, the NAC met with the FEMA Administrator and reviewed the progress and/or potential recommendations of its subcommittees. They also discussed: FEMA’s Strategic Plan; National Preparedness Grant Program; National Preparedness System; America’s PrepareAthon!; Disability Inclusive Emergency Management; and FEMA's Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Initiative.

For more information on the meeting, please click here to see the notice in the Federal Register and for the meeting agenda, please click here.

It is anticipated that the NAC will meet again before the end of September.


The NAC may establish subcommittees for any purpose consistent with its Charter. Subcommittees may not work independently from the NAC and must report their recommendations and advice to the NAC for full deliberation and discussions. Subcommittees have no authority to make decisions on behalf of the NAC and may not report directly to the Federal Government or any other entity.

Currently, the NAC has three standing subcommittees: the Federal Insurance and Mitigation Subcommittee, the Preparedness and Protection Subcommittee, and the Response and Recovery Subcommittee.

Contact Information

For more information about the Council or questions about this page, please contact the Office of the National Advisory Council.


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