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Mobile Communications Office Vehicle

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Managed by the Disaster Emergency Communications Division, Mobile Communications Office Vehicles (MCOVs) are multi-purpose central office facilities that are activated to support FEMA response and recovery disaster missions. The 39’ recreational vehicles have been modified and retrofitted with 8-9 work stations and satellite communications to provide voice and data connectivity to the FEMA network. During initial deployment, MCOVs are guided by operational coordination, control, and communications requirements received from on-scene emergency management personnel.


  • Provides an office and communications platform capable of moving into a disaster on short notice and can be staffed to meet situation
  • In concert with partners, enables FEMA to respond quickly and effectively, bring communications to the right people for the coordination of relief efforts where most required
  • Provides a communication capability for first responders when cell or other means are not available or overlooked
  • Provides “phone bank” for applicant registration when local infrastructure or systems are not available

Flexible Response

  • Deploy to temporary housing or shelters enabling victims to receive timely assistance closer to home or place of work
  • Quickly relocate to additional or alternate locations proximate to where needed
  • Support Individual Assistance programs where fixed facilities are not available or require augmentation
  • Internet protocol available when requested
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